Social Responsibility

JJZ commitment

The JJZ is an environmentally friendly Refrigerator, investing in research, preventive processes and awareness to prevent their activities harm the environment. Their effluents are monitored through constant laboratory tests , carried out by the technical department and supervised by the competent bodies .


Economic activity on Trade in Services occupies a large part of the population of developed economies and globalized in our time , contributing decisively to the creation of wealth. In this context, we are faced with new requirements on how to respect fundamental human values ​​as well as the increase in the welfare of all and the preservation of the environment. The business ethics is complete only ensuring corporate sustainability on profits , people and the future of the planet.

Preventive Processes

The JJZ Food . values ​​, objective and performs the supply of safe food , meeting requirements and legal and commercial requirements with values ​​compatible to the market, thus meeting the requirements of customers and end users of their products. The Board is committed to not measure efforts to always develop, implement and improve the overall quality of products manufactured by JJZ Food and following within the norms and standards established by the Quality Management System.

Environmental Awareness

The JJZ recognizes the importance of preserving the environment , and the role of the food industry in this context. So she is committed to provide human, financial and technological resources to ensure that waste from our process do not harm and / or damage the environment , and also ensure that matters relating to security and existing laws are commonly transferred and documented , being met in full.

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